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Frequently asked questions

At Henderson Fabrications there are certain enquiries made by our clients when they contact us to discuss any type of sheet metal fabrication they require.Here are some responses to a few frequently asked questions we get.

What is our lead time?

This is a difficult question to answer as no two jobs are the same. If you required a flat plate and already have your own drawings then it is possible the part can be made the same day. However if we were to help design and start a project from the beginning then our standard lead times are between 15-20 working days. However we are always flexible and open to negotiation.

Can we deliver?

Yes. We have 3 company vehicles that are on the road everyday. We have a car for small deliveries, a van and also a curtain sided lorry.

What is your quality system?

We have been ISO:2001 accredited for over 10 years and run an ERP System that tracks all jobs with full traceability using a bar-coding system. This enables us to keep accurate times on how long a job has taken and also gives us the ability to tell you the whereabouts of your job in the workshop at the click of a button.

What materials can you work in?

We can provide sheet metal work in mild steel and stainless steel, as well as aluminium, copper, brass and titanium. We keep mild steel in stock in all thicknesses from 0.7mm up to 12mm and all other metals can be delivered to us in 24 hours.

How do you decide what should be punched and what should be lasered?

Cnc punching is ideal for parts with lots of holes in and is less than 3mm thick. Our cnc punching machines can punch at a speed of 900 hits per minute and 1700 hits per minute when marking. Cnc punching machines also have the ability to produce forms into your components. Cnc laser cutting has no tooling costs and the setup times are much quicker. The quality of the metal work edge is a lot better than punching and requires no after work for de-burring. Laser cutting is best used for thicker materials and also produces any shape you require for example curves or circles. Our laser can cut up to 12mm thick mild steel, 8mm stainless steel and 4mm aluminium.

Want to know more about our sheet metal fabrication processes? Call us at Hendersona Fabrications on 01604 499 200

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